Του κάτω κόσμου τα πουλιά (Tou káto kósmou ta pouliá) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

The birds of the netherworld

Full of bitterness the weather is prowling
to find you within the alleys of the netherworld
and for thirteen centuries,
being idle,
it's been looking for your arc and to drink your blood
Men holding whips and clushing rocks await for you
dressed in silver,
a bride stays sleepless,
and she has Cyclades islands hanging from her ears
and her bed is the killer's lair
Hidden the bitter words within the seashell
hidden the enchantments of the sea within the North wind
The oil lamp in the house is going to go out at some point
and you won't be able to find neither the door or the lock
The birds and the peacocks of the netherworld
are embroiding with light and night a dress for you
people are gnashing and grinding their jaws
they jump and run and catch up with you midway
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Του κάτω κόσμου τα πουλιά (Tou káto kósmou ta pouliá)

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