Beregis' (Берегись) (перевод на Английский)


Beregis' (Берегись)

Мне придется отползать
От объявленья войны на все четыре струны,
От узколобой весны во все четыре стены,
От подгоревшей еды за все четыре беды,
От поколения зла в четыре черных числа.
Накинуть старый мундир, протертый кем-то до дыр.
Мне придется обойтись
Без синих сумрачных птиц, без разношерстных ресниц,
Да переправить с утра что не сложилось вчера,
Оставить грязный вагон и продолжать перегон,
По неостывшей золе на самодельной метле,
Раскинуть руки во сне чтоб не запнуться во тьме.
Мне придется променять
Осточертевший обряд на смертоносный снаряд,
Скрипучий стул за столом на детский крик за углом,
Венок из спутанных роз на депрессивный психоз,
Психоделический рай на три засова в сарай.
Мне все кричат - Берегись!
Мне все кричат - Берегись!
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перевод на Английский

Watch Out!

Версии: #1#2
I shall have to crawl away
From declaration of war to the strings left, only four,
From a quite bigoted spring to the wall-rounded ring,
From a bit burnt evening meal beyond the four-faced ill,
From generations of bales to the four black dreadful tales1.
To don an old uniform that somebody's overworn.
I shall have to do without
Without the blue dusky fowl; the lashes2 being piebald,
And reconstruct by the noon all the lot yesterday ruined;
To quickly leave a slop coach continuing the approach
On a self-made tiny broom through a lukewarm ash of doom;
To spread the hands when asleep in order not to get slipped.
I shall eke3 have to exchange
The pretty old boring rite for a death-dealing missile,
The creaky chair by the table for screams of children away,
The crown of disordered roses for a depressive psychosis,
The psychodelical Eden for the thrice-bolted "forbidden".
They shout "Hey, you! Watch out!"
They shout "Hey, you! Watch out!"
  • 1. meaning tallies, numbers
  • 2. meaning eyelashes
  • 3. "eke" is a nice old word meaning "routine needs", "economy". It's sometimes used as a verb in the fixed expression "to eke out" meaning "to make supplies by practicing strict economy". And here it's used as an adverb meaning "also" meaning that "also" includes a huge effort.
    Without it the verse should sound probably as the following:
    I must surely exchange...
    I am doomed to interchange
    or somewhat alike.
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Native metre. The rhyme is almost the same as the original.
It is really easier to sing in English than in Russian. :o
Yanka would have been satisfied.