Beregis' (Берегись) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Watch Out!

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I shall have to crawl away
From declaration of war to the strings left, only four,
From a quite bigoted spring to the wall-rounded ring,
From a bit burnt evening meal beyond the four-faced ill,
From generations of bales to the four black dreadful tales1.
To don an old uniform that somebody's overworn.
I shall have to do without
Without the blue dusky fowl; the lashes2 being piebald,
And reconstruct by the noon all the lot yesterday ruined;
To quickly leave a slop coach continuing the approach
On a self-made tiny broom through a lukewarm ash of doom;
To spread the hands when asleep in order not to get slipped.
I shall eke3 have to exchange
The pretty old boring rite for a death-dealing missile,
The creaky chair by the table for screams of children away,
The crown of disordered roses for a depressive psychosis,
The psychodelical Eden for the thrice-bolted "forbidden".
They shout "Hey, you! Watch out!"
They shout "Hey, you! Watch out!"
  • 1. meaning tallies, numbers
  • 2. meaning eyelashes
  • 3. "eke" is a nice old word meaning "routine needs", "economy". It's sometimes used as a verb in the fixed expression "to eke out" meaning "to make supplies by practicing strict economy". And here it's used as an adverb meaning "also" meaning that "also" includes a huge effort.
    Without it the verse should sound probably as the following:
    I must surely exchange...
    I am doomed to interchange
    or somewhat alike.
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Native metre. The rhyme is almost the same as the original.
It is really easier to sing in English than in Russian. :o
Yanka would have been satisfied.


Beregis' (Берегись)

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