Бесполезно (перевод на Английский)

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский


[Verse 1]
Look, today the stars are brighter than yesterday
Leave it alone, let's hurry to fresh air
Look, none of this is serious, it's all a game
No one is right, and all attempts, to be honest
Are pointless
[Verse 2]
Look, my friend, I'm hiding, my battle is over
But don't be sad, because everything happens so simply
Without me everything will be the same, as it is with me
Shards of stars will fall from the sky and disappear
Above us it's midnight
It is silent
But it forgives us forever and ever
In these dark fields she always loses us
[Verse 3]
They float above cities, easily bidding us farewell
Scrapes of clouds are on the wind, but my friend, answer me
In the darkness the coast will sink, and you're afraid to believe
Don't worry - it's stupid, soon the darkness will retreat
Soon the darkness will retreat
[Verse 4]
When it does, countries, murderers, and tyrants will disappear
Borders will become stories, walls will become dust
And suddenly the word will drop, and we'll start to love again
Stronger and cleaner yet, but my friend, do you hear?
But do you hear me my friend?
In the distance are thunder and lightening, and we should be home
Don't worry - it's stupid, soon the darkness will arrive
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