Elena Voynarovskaya - Кофейные зёрнышки (Kofeinye ziornyshki) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Coffee beans

Sunday morning, the awaken city is shining
Woken up by the trills of the first tram bells
The windows are opened, the curtains are pulled apart
And I'm standing barefoot in the sunny kitchen.
I breath in the smell from the jar with coffee beans.
I think it's a little different today.
And the water in the jug suddenly became as if it's from the lake
And the sky is shining with such a boundless
Such a dazzlingly clean and gentle,
Such a peculiarly blue ...
I'm pouring coffee and suddenly,
I hear the forgotten childish song,
Flying through widely open windows
The janitor is watering the sidewalks
The cloud of splashing water is above the wet asphalt
In every drop there is the promise of happiness
The doves are cooing, the radio is silently purring
The old lady across is watering the flowers
Above the wet asphalt the transparent rainbow is hanging
Hunting for someone, the cats are lurking in the grass
In the hot oil, three tiny suns are hissing
The leafs are whispering about something mysterious with the wind
And it looks like everything triumphs, sings and laughs
Dragonflies and butterflies are on the bright lawn.
Easily, mysteriously and weightlessly
The cloud is drifting over the horizon,
And my head is spinning....
I'm pouring coffee and suddenly
I hear the timid bell in the hall
The heart froze, and is tearing into pieces
I open the door, and the coffee
Beans roll down the steps...
And that is how it was fulfilled,
The promise of happiness...
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Кофейные зёрнышки (Kofeinye ziornyshki)

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