Likhiye prishli vremena (Лихие пришли времена) (перевод на Английский)


Likhiye prishli vremena (Лихие пришли времена)

Лихие пришли времена,
И ветер как будто взбешён,
Шайтан поднял камни со дна
И целится в город большой.
А там фонари-зеркала –
Их может разрушить любой,
А там, у стеклянной стены,
Обнявшись, стоим мы с тобой.
И скажут, что надо спешить,
И скажут, что время не ждёт.
Укрывшись от ветра плащом,
Шайтан по дороге идёт.
Смеется прохожим в лицо,
В их мысли, и головы с плеч,
И лишь перекрестков кресты
От бездны их могут сберечь.
Лихие пришли времена,
И улицы подняли вой.
Ни света, ни солнца не зная.
Шайтан бьётся в дверь головой.
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перевод на Английский

The Times of Great Evil Have Come

The times of great evil have come,
The wind seems to feel fury call,
The devil picked rocks from the slum
And aims them at big city sprawl.
The street lights like mirrors stand tall -
They can be destroyed by next man,
And there, by the heavy glass wall,
Embracing each other we stand.
They will say: we must hurry on,
They will say that time does not wait.
Protecting himself with cloak drawn,
Toward us the devil walks straight.
He laughs in the faces of men,
He laughs in their thoughts, then heads roll,
Just crosses of street junctions can
Protect from abyss their souls.
The times of great evil have come,
The streets have roused hell with a roar.
Not knowing the light and the sun,
The devil bangs head on the door.
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Ok, I get it that most of you just can't bring yourselves
to pressing "Thanks" when you have already enjoyed
and probably sung an equirhythmic rhymed translation
and then realized that you couldn't have done a better
one yourself. Yet, avoiding this gesture implicitly helps
to promote other, often subpar work on this site. St.
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Equirhythmic rhymed translation for singing along.
The running meter: [ -^- -^- -^ ]

kebenaj    пн, 23/07/2018 - 09:51

thanks! one question: there is the loss of rhythm in 'protect from abyss their souls'. is it meant to be 'protect from the abyss their souls'?

St. Sol    пн, 23/07/2018 - 12:38

To preserve the meter [ -^- -^- -^ ], the line should be sung like this:
Pro-tEct from a-bYss the-ir sOuls. (with 2 syllables in "their")

Regards, St.