Skazhi, Ne Molchi (Скажи, Не Молчи) (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: SEREBRO (Серебро)
  • Песня: Skazhi, Ne Molchi (Скажи, Не Молчи) 13 переводов
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Say, Don't Keep Silent

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It is deep inside, I can't see it
I'm reaching for you, but afraid to hurt you
You're standing again in the circle of emptiness
It's hard to run to you if the bridges are broken
The rain can't cool the hot day
If I let you go, you will go away
But.. but still you are waiting.. waiting
I want to run, but where and what for
And there is nothin' I can do to help you
Gulping for air - nowhere to go
You and me are standing in the end of the road
Cold shivers down my spine, only not now
Just look in the depths of my eyes
This way.. you are saving us.. us
Say, don't keep silent,
That you love me
Say, don't keep silent
That you love me
I close my eyes and seems like it helps
Flashing back to our last meetings
Say, don't keep silent
That you love me
I will whisper the main things to you
Teardrops in my words will be calling you
And forgive me for all that I couldn't do
You always knew that I was living for you
Just wait for a while
Release and let go something inside
Find me.. one more time.. and
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Skazhi, Ne Molchi (Скажи, Не Молчи)