Я їду до мами (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

I am going to my mom

I go, go, go to Portugal
To my mom across all Europe
I go, go, go, with tears
Because we haven't met in fifty years!
I go to mom wo-o, to mom wo-o-u!
I go to mom wo-o, to my mom wo-o-u!
I go, go, go, to mom first time,
I change watches to Portugal time.
I go, go, go, and think,
That mom makes mountains of gold there.
I go, go, go, I am rushing
I tell the beloved, that I love her!
I go, go, go, far abroad,
To my mom in Lisabon.
I go to mom...
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Я їду до мами