ילד מדהים | Yeled Madhim (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Eric Berman (אריק ברמן)
  • Песня: ילד מדהים | Yeled Madhim
  • Переводы: Английский
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An Amazing Kid

We talked and you were so cold, answering with a "yes" and a "no",
You forgot that I can read your mind.
And there you undress me, saying "Let's have sex but slowly,
We'll do it like in the movies, you'll whisper - I'll scream!
You know, we could've had an amazing kid."
And then you turned to leave, and found out the truth
That now you have no other place to go to.
But you never gave a shit, you knocked on all the neighbors' doors,
Made up stories about us, now they won't even give me milk.
They're saying, "They could've actually had an amazing kid."
Remember when we went to the mountains? You forgot to bring your pills,
And here and there, as they say, stuff happened.
We went straight to the doctor, he did what he does
And then told us that it's fine and that we can remain calm.
He said, "Shame, you two could've actually had an amazing kid."
Someday you'll realize, your floor is my ceiling.
And babe, if you'd let me go up to your door, you'll find out
That we can have an amazing kid
With your face and your brains.
Yes, we could've had an amazing kid
With your face and your brains and your big heart.
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ילד מדהים | Yeled Madhim

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