世界はきっと愛を知ってるんだ (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Surely the World Knows Love

Surely the world knows love!
I’ll make you believe that goddesses exist
As a little experiment, close both eyes
Cross a dangerous bridge
It’s like almost anything will turn out to be a happy ending
I’ll kick and send flying anything like worry
If you change the course to what you want,
What shake loose are your true feelings. Don’t hide them
In this limitless universe
We met, right?
So I realized, surely the world knows love!
I want to try drawing anachronystic ideals
Even if they say they’re already extinct
Even if they make fun of me, saying it’s all in my imagination
Even if it’s just one instant, the chance to snap a picture
Is something I can’t miss
Look, let’s leave the gloomy faces til the end
No matter how many times I throw the round dice,
What come up are my true feelings. There’s no helping it
If even one thing hadn’t aligned,
We wouldn’t have met, right?
So I realized, the world was waiting for a miracle!
As for “paradise,” it’s right here. As long as we’re living
I’ll reach out my hand, so grab it
I wanted to see you, I wanted to see you
Now we’ve come this far, so I can say it
In this aimless journey,
We met, right?
So I’m realizing, like magnets pull back and forth,
Even if we’re separated, wherever we are,
We met, yeah!
So I understood, surely the world knows love!
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