Taisiya Povaliy - Cheremshina (Черемшина) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

bird cherry tree

Again cuckoo’s voice is heard in the forest
Swallows made a nest in the roof
Shepherd is driving a herd by the mountain path
The nightingale piping a song behind the coppice
The bird cherry tree is flourishing everywhere
The viburnum dressed like is going to get married
In the garden the shepherd
In the quiet corner
The girl is waiting for, waiting for
She was getting to the garden near the black poplars
She was lost in admiration of the high mountains
Where pure dew is dropping from the birches
And she putted the viburnum ’s blossom into her hair
The sun is going down the skyline
From the mountain valley the shepherd is singing to her
I’ll come to you, after the herd
Will be driven in after the watering
Here’s the evening, sheep are near the ford
And drinking water from the Cheremosh stream
In the garden shepherd is waited
By a girl, who loves him
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Cheremshina (Черемшина)

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