Catafalque - The Ordeal

  • Исполнитель: Catafalque
  • Альбом: Dialectique

The Ordeal

Don't heed the whips
flogging your back
Think of what you didn't do
although you had the chance
Don't let them get you
Think about if you see
the truth or not�
If you feel death's cold
wings on your face
If you feel loneliness,
the time has come to face,
to use the ace up your sleeve
and to fight the circumstances,
to get what's yours back
Close yourself to what brings sorrow
Don't feel the pain they deal
Lock them far away from you
Don't heed the pain in your soul
Turn your back on everyone
There is only you in this life
Think of what you couldn't do
when there was
Don't heed the whips
flogging your back!
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