Delam gereft (دلم گرفت ) (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Moein (نصرالله معین)
  • Песня: Delam gereft (دلم گرفت ) 2 перевода
  • Переводы: Английский #1, #2

Delam gereft (دلم گرفت )

delam gereft az asemoon
ham az zamin ham az zamoon
to zendegim gheghadr ghame
delam gerefte az hame
ey rozegare la'nati
talkhe behet harchi begam
man be zamin o asemoon daste refaghat nemidam
emshab az on shabhast
ke man dobare divoone besham
to masti o bikhabari
asire meykhoone besham
emshab az on shabhast
ke man delam mikhad dad bezanam**
to shahre in gharibe ha
dardamo faryad bezanm
az in hame dar be dari
to ghalbe man ghiyamate
che fayde dare zendegi?
in entehaye taghate
az in hame dar be dari
be lab reside joone man***
be dade man nemirese
khodaye asemoone man****
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I depressed

Версии: #1#2
I depressed from the sky
and the earth and life (everything)
how much I have sorrow in my life
I depressed from every body
O damn world
It would be bitter whatever I tell you
I won't pal with the earth and the sky (everyone)
it's a kind of night
that I'll rave
in rut and sloth
I'll be a slave for tavern
it's a kind of night
I wanna shout
in this strange city
(I wanna) shout my pain
because of this ramble
there is uproar in my heart
what does life profit?
it's the end of my patience
because of this ramble
I'm dying
he doesn't help me
my heaven's God
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kmkm    пн, 26/07/2010 - 19:09

i am looking for a song from the 80`s . as i call the tekst it is something like:
na guu az duriyaki, na pors az chi gerefte. Could you help me finding the song?