Doris K. (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Doris K.

I say yes to German water
& I say yes to you
when you ask me, will you stay longer here
& drink a beer with me
then I say, with pleasure
& I see a thousand stars
& I say softly yes, Doris K
Doris K, come so close again
to me, it rather turns me on
Doris K, stay a bit longer there
with your hand, I find that interesting
we slowly get to know each other
& then we'll surely seperate
sooner or later
yet only a couple of centimetres
from the last big kick
that one calls real happiness
so perhaps I'll stay there
so many people know you
but nobody knows you like I do
you took me to your hotel
this night passed so quickly
outside it becomes light again
when I order the taxi
I know, it was only a night
which makes me pretty sad
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Doris K.

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