Marc Anthony - Hasta ayer (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Hasta Ayer

Understand that my
intention is not to offend you
nor am I
reproaching you
your life is your own
as are your body and your nights
I [must] confess I fell in love like a kid
and I don't have feelings of regret
I derived pleasure from your experience
until I satisfied my longing
Fui dueno de su alcoba
y de su almohada
la tuve beso a beso, piel con piel
y el sol me sorpendio por su ventana
cansado de delirio y de placer
hasta ayer, hasta ayer
And excuse me lady
but when the soul cries
silence is no medicine
for alleviating the pain
Until yesterday, until yesterday
my sweet refined madam
I found out you have another lover
to whom in time perhaps
you will do the same as [you did] me
Your kisses captured me
to the point of imprisoning me
and in your merciless game you
forsook me with your passion
then came the betrayal when as if
I were a child
you told me that your affection you
[could] give to whomever you wanted
You are a bandit who toyed
with my love
I won't believe any more lies
or in the tears of a woman
I loved you so much woman
I adored you so much woman....
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Hasta ayer

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