Nuit de folie (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Début de soirée
  • Песня: Nuit de folie 2 перевода
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Crazy night

There's no season for music to live
Finally , no season for sound to live
As you walk , you give a rhythm to your steps
You feel the music at your fingertips
You say that the life you were given was made for that
So many things thanks to sound you will know
Your heart is a pick-up sapphire
We found decibels in your check-up
& You sing , sing , sing this chorus that you like
& You beat , beat , beat , it's your way to live
This rhythm that takes you all the way to the night's depth
Wake inside you the whirlwind of a crazy wind
You dance the world , American music
Funk's rhythm takes you all the way to the top
Because we put our hands up to the highest point
You who draw the notes of a melody in the depth of your boredom
A music with no major concord is a dancefloor with no dancers
But if you put away your dark thoughts in a cupboard while these moments
Notes will be able to dance & we will come back to sing them
When sugar fell , shocked , in the upside-down coffee
I really felt that the day started in a bad way
Later , the crate got broken before the chromiums cracked
Turning it up full blast , I took off
Music used to be my smile , old hits used to be my memories
We all feel our last breath when we're about to die
But I kept a breath because we can't pass away
Everybody knows it without seeing a disc jockey
& You sing , dance all the way to the night's depth
Your flashes in funky music
The bass is beating & the guitar is shaking
& The drumer's having fun while you're standing the strain
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Nuit de folie

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