Tamer Hosny - Sotek (صوتك) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

your voice

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Your Voice
Why has it change like that
It’s there someone next to you r what?
That’s it
I get it and I’m going to hung up
But before I hung up, tell him I say hello
And tell him to take care of you
Like I used to worry for you
And to try as hard as he can
To protect you and keep you safe
2 X
Why did you do this
Is it possible someone love you like this
It’s his faults that he gave you
Everything he had and left you
Everything precious to him
And then he end up like this
Of course you’re happy with him
He is exactly like you
Tomorrow he’ll do the same thing you did
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Sotek (صوتك)