Un hecho obvio (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Laura Pausini
  • Песня: Un hecho obvio 4 перевода
  • Переводы: Английский, Португальский, Русский, Хорватский
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Un Hecho Obvio

It's useless that you should now
insist on saying no
denying an obvious fact
you will need me
in the same way
I will you too
You let it be like that now
take the dream that's here
and start to believe in me
and don't ever leave
As long as you stay here
you will be the most beautiful of my woes
you will be
in a greedy world
gold through my hands
and I will be, I will be the same for you
Admitting it will be enough
of course it will hurt
this proof is evident
of one sterile past that
doesn't concede replicas
neither in the future nor in the present
Like that
never go back
don't sacrifice us anymore
Mientras que te quedes
de mis males
tú serás
el oro por las manos
seré lo mismo
Frente a la locura
encontraré la cura que
tú serás
Inútil que ahora ya
negando un hecho obvio
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Un hecho obvio

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