Wolfsheim - Heroin she said


Heroin she said

walking down the streets at night
i see her stumbling through the rain
a skinny figure in the dark
her face a shade of grey
begging here and barking there
shes swearing all the time
her fingers fumbling with her hair
a dirty mess of grime
and she starts to cry and shes asking why
her lifes always the same
but she does not see, that unfortunately
theres no one here to blame
"heroin" she said, "was the best i had...
no more mountains left to climb.
the world so slow... all my dreams just too high
to be fulfilled in time...!"
she grabs my arm... and i feel alarmed
her fingers gripping tight
i see her pleading eyes... so i start to diguise
and say, that everythings alright...
and the reason why i pretended and lied
is that i dont want to kill
the poor dream thats left in the deepest cleft
of the thing that she calls will...!
"heroin" she said...
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