Adesso tu (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Now, You

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Born at the edges of the suburbs,
where the busses1 don't go any further,
where the area is public housing,
to dream is easier
than to face reality...
How many young people go away
to search for more than what they have,
perhaps because the punches received
were never given back to anybody,
and, inside, they hurt
even more.
And I learnt that, in life,
nobody gives us more,
but how much panting, how much climbing,
going forwards without
turning back...
And now, you, are here
to give a meaning to my days,
all is going well
from the moment that you are
here, now,
but I don't forget all
my friends who are still there...
And we find ourselves always more lonely,
at this age you don't know, you don't know,
but how many hurdles, how many flights
to move forwards
without ever getting there...
And now, you are here,
at the centre of my thoughts,
the inner part of the breaths.
You will be the will
that does not limit itself,
you, who, for me, are already
a payback...
Now, you know who is
that man that's inside me...
Born at the edges of the suburbs,
where I hardly ever go back.
There, remains the wind I left behind,
like a train already gone by,
today that you're by my side,
today that only you are here,
today that you are here,
now, you.
  • 1. "Tram" is actually "streetcar" but busses are more likely in the suburbs.
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Adesso tu