Anells d'aigua (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Water Ripples/Aquamarine ring

The moon is growing inside the ripple,
My water ripple.
My hand will shine so brightly
With that dewdrop!
This great rainy afternoon
Has breathed life into the garden,
Which keeps, like a treasure,
A water drop in every leaf.
I shall walk the paths
That are not kept by any guards;
I shall sit, breathing,
Really close to the plants.
If I feel you breathing near me,
I shall become stagnant waters,
A little ladder to climb high,
An oleander blossom;
A little rose from the white rosebush
And a palm tree in love!
They have stolen my ring
Which had a gem the colour of water.
In which hand will now grow
That moon that I used to love?
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Anells d'aigua

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