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The Happy Island

Jemand Anderes

There was an island on an ocean,
—And for the sake of realism
let's say it was the Pacific Ocean—
which knew no idealism.
It was a vibrant, lively, lovely place
with people who danced and ate.
And it also was that kind of place
which knew no wrath and hate.
Who cares about the outer world,
when you have everything!
When you have a perfect, petite world,
and the joy that the future will bring.
The decisions regarding the island
were made so far away
that the people of said island
don't know their leaders to this day.
They'll keep on laughing, they'll dance to the dawn,
they won't fear today or tomorrow!
And by the time they finally reach the dawn,
they won't have a reason for sorrow.
And to my eyes one night when I walked to the pub
this idea brought a tear.
And by the time I got to the pub
I realized: The island is here!


Jemand Anderes: Топ 3
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