Auf der Straße nach Süden (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

On the southbound road

Every day, I could see nothing from my window
But grey skies
That's why I eventually decided
To walk towards the sun
On the southbound road
Moving along with the cranes
Without making any plans
Just straight ahead
On the southbound road
With the sun as my destination
On the southbound road
That's where I feel at home
Nobody's pushing me
I'm walking as far as I can
Then I rest a while
And if I need
A rain-proof roof for the night
The barn behind the house will do
But if a girl happens to smile at me
I'm gonna stay a while
And only shortly afterwards
It happens again:
The road is calling me
And if too much road dust
Has gathered on my skin
I find myself a small lake
Where I'm having bread and wine
As a feast
Before I'm moving on
Today I don't know what tomorrow will bring
That's why I like about this lifestyle
I'm not gonna trade places with you
I'd rather stay here
Finding my own world to live in
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Auf der Straße nach Süden

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