Axxis - Somebody Died at the Party

  • Исполнитель: Axxis
  • Альбом: Retrolution (2017)
  • Переводы: Русский

Somebody Died at the Party

[Verse 1: ]
Now stop thinking
Go for coma drinking
Give us alcohol in our party zone.
Someone's falling on the floor and crawling.
Now he's lying still
Is this really the big thrill?
[Chorus: ]
Somebody died at the party,
Somebody was killed tonight,
Somebody died at the party,
The drugs was killed tonight.
All right!
[Verse 2: ]
Brunch Punch, candy,
Let us drink the brandy,
Whiskey tasting
We're alone at home.
Vodka, cola with a little soda
and a cocktail free on top
We're not about to stop!
[Verse 3: ]
Helpless drunken and alone
(Somebody was killed tonight)
in a world of no control
(Somebody was killed tonight)
All right, all right!
Alone at home - on our own,
The party zone - World of no control.
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