Big Bang - Bad Boy (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

bad boy

I was too harsh that night
I didn't know you would really leave
The words, "I'm sorry", is too difficult for us that we take it to the end
Because I'm ill-tempered
We fight over stupid things numerous times a day
You take off crying, I look around and think,
'She'll come back tomorrow. She'll def call me first in the morning'
*Baby, I can't, I'm so bad that I want to be good to you but it's hard
Everyday and night I'm so mean cuz I'mso real so I'm sorry (but I can't change)
**Me, whom you love, Sorry I'm a bad boy
Yes, just leave me, good bye, you're a good girl
The more time passes, the more you get to know me, only disappointments will remain but
Baby don't leave me, I know you still love me
Why, yes, I'll tell you the truth, I need you
My lay lay lay lay lady
My lay lay lay lay lady
You're different from normal boys, it's so hard
You're still so sensitive like a girl
Next to you, who is always smiling next tome, I'm still too young
With the excuse that I'm busy, I postpone our date
Because I'm sorry, because I'm frustrated, I turn my head
The bride in my dreams is just a friend now
Upset over the breakup, we are silent
Don't say a thing
I act tough but I'm not inside
Don't abandon me
You know that there's no one who will understand me like you, baby
Oh you, comeback to me ye ye ye
Me, whom you love, Sorry I'm a bad boy
Sorry I'm a bad boy, Sorry I'ma bad boy
Yes, just leave me, good bye, you're a good girl
You're a good girl, you're a good girl (X2)
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big bang is back with a great album hope you enjoy it

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