A bat out of hell

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Meanings of "A bat out of hell"


very fast

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Moving extremely fast

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Όταν κάποιος ενεργεί με εξαιρετικά μεγάλη ταχύτητα

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Moverse rápidamente

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Att gå mycket snabbt

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Çok hızlı hareket etmek

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"A bat out of hell" в текстах

Haluk Levent - The Anthem of İzmir

Flowers bloom on the mountains of İzmir
The golden Sun shines goldenly there
The damaged enemies run like a bat out of hell
Long live Mustafa Kemal Pasha, long live

Paul Engemann - Push it to the limit

Hit the wheel and double mistakes
throttle wide open like a bat out of hell
and you crash the gates

Madonna - Gang Bang

Like a bitch out of order
Like a bat out of hell
Like a fish out of water

Jonas Brothers - Comeback

Wherever you are right now
Know somehow
I'll be on the way like a bat out of hell
Heaven knows I'm proud but I'll turn ’round

Meat Loaf - Bat out of hell

Oh like a bat out of hell!
Oh like a bat out of hell!
Like a bat out of hell!

Kobra and the Lotus - In the End

Rising from the ashes you came like a bat out of hell
Donning force and steel to keep your lies from leaking out

Giving into fame

Nickelback - Coin for the Ferryman

Flying down the highway like a bat out of hell
My buddy Bradley’s in the middle
Darcy’s lookin’ out the window
We just got high and hopin’ no one can tell

Celldweller - Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)

We all feel sorry for you now

Your luck is sliding like a bat out of hell
You're empty-handed at your life's show and tell

Hans Söllner - We're still true to the bone bavarians

In winter we go snowboarding
Across the rossfeld like a bat out of hell (6)
And if someone gets in our way

Andy Hull - Love come save me

Well I was packing bags like a bat out of hell and you were slipping on your dress
Well I was punching holes in a ticket to downtown mass, where the spirit fled
Away from my body and away from my blood, like a fire that we never lit

Piknik (Russia) - Hero

Day already turned dark, teacher sounded a bell.
I was running from school like a bat out of hell.
Teacher ran after me to conceal outcome

Kult - My editor

Though I am a recognized person
I put on my trousers, rinse up my eyes
I run to Getto square like a bat out of hell
I've learned to be there earlier every day

Saigon - Spit

I shit, shower and shave
Then its time to get paid get out of the way
I'm like a bat out of hell how I'm hitting these hoes
You swear a nigga just got out of jail

The Dead Weather - 60 Feet Tall

I must tap your evil well
Cos boy, do you come roaring
Like a bat out of hell
You drive me so reckless

Mis-Teeq - Secrets of the Night

I'm gonna hit you full blow, that's a fact
I'm gonna get you with the full contact
Like a bat out of hell, its a natural fact
The mystery of Mis-Teeq, be wary of that

In Legend - The Healer (Inkl. Remedy)

You got all your reasons
To use all your wings and
To fly like a bat out of hell!

Ignacio Copani - Mr Vicepresident

(With respect, the one you didn't have with me)
or saying correctly, I stay, you are gone...
(like a bat out of hell of the ship)
Because the vote of the people doesn't go to the oblivion.

Ferraby Lionheart - The Balled Of Gus And Sam

The conversations great yeah i can tell
Things are moving fast like a bat out of hell
I can lose my step here for you front foot forward to find