Beni Unutma (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Zara (Turkey) (Neşe Zara Yılmaz)
  • Песня: Beni Unutma 6 переводов
  • Переводы: Английский #1, #2, Персидский, Румынский, Французский, Хорватский
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Don't forget me

Версии: #1#2
A day comes and one forgets
Even the memories he loved the most
At least you, every night, with a weary voice
Whenever the clock strikes 12
Don't forget me, don't forget me, don't forget me
Because each and every night, at that same hour
I live for you and I dream of you
Walking desperately inside my own dreams
But you, in that place where darkness remains silent
Don't forget me, don't forget me, don't forget me
At those hours, your smile
Pours like a handful water inside me
And if one day that crazy wind will madly blow
Over your head
Don't forget me
With sandals on my feet and a rod stick in my hand
I search for you on these streets
If my return to you, after so many years
Will happen on a judgement day
Don't forget me
If you still have that green dress
Put it on one day, just for me
And if one day you'll see dew on a clover in your flowerpot
And a tired bird in your garden
Don't forget me
Even though you'll be far away
Come to me when pain will burn me inside
Come to the one you have loved insanely/to death
Please, on the day when I return to God
Don't forget me, don't forget me
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Beni Unutma

Zara (Turkey): Топ 3
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