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White Midnight

Night sky dyed white, count backwards, 4 3 2
Born this way, it's an illness
Everyone is frozen, the compass has broken
Here we go?
Anywhere but here, please
Where to go?
Nowhere, please
I don't know why I feel this sad
Hey, do you feel it too?
Undo to undo to redo
I want to be strong, but not for myself
Undo to undo to redo
Even now, my voice still remembers you
Knowing that it's nothing but ruin,
Do you still want to see the view?
In the blinding midnight, we'll cross the white together
Maybe it's a wish that won't come true
But still, I pray
Life taints all of us, but we'll go towards the white
I embraced loneliness, even hid my wounds
I want to meet you someday, beyond the white night
A reluctant "yes", overturn the absurdities with that voice
You can become strong even if it's hard, swallow the weakness
My nostalgia that day was so important that it left me conflicted
Pounding irregularly, always struggling - that's why I can't give up
Undo to undo to
How many more times must I cross over before we meet?
Redo to redo to
Trampling on a glorified yesterday
Don't stop, even if I'm slow
Because it's not here yet, I wish
Right now, right now, we're coloured a pure white
Even though I cried that day, I'll laugh today
For sure, I'm still alive
Give me all your pain,
and let's live
For your sake, I'll shine alone
Let's meet again, beyond the white night
White sunlight shines in the dead of night, "ready, go", let's set off, 3 2 1
A second before it fades out and changes, the white midnight
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白夜 (full version) (Byakuya)

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