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Old Horse

(× 2)
When love arrives like this, in this way
You don't even realise
The genipap tree comes to life again
The guamacho tree flowers and the rope snaps.
The horse is put out to pasture
Because he is old and tired
But they don't realize that a heart that is tied
When the reins are released
Becomes a runaway horse.
And if the old horse meets a chestnut filly
His heart is pulverized, he ignores the bridle
And he ignores the bit and the halter won't stop him.
(× 2)
When love arrives like this, in this way
You are not to blame,
Love has no schedule
Or a date on the calendar
When desires are joined.
The horse is put out to pasture
And his days are numbered
He crosses the plains with a hurried step
To meet his filly
Who has poisoned him.
The colt has time for time
But because he's too old
The old horse cannot lose
The flower he's given
Because when this life is over
There are no more chances.
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Translated by Russell Maddicks.


Caballo viejo

Переводы "Caballo viejo"
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