Carolyn Carlson - However Nostalgic Your Memory Does To Me

  • Исполнитель: Carolyn Carlson
  • Альбом: La poésie en gestes

However Nostalgic Your Memory Does To Me

However nostalgic your memory does to me,
However longing I wish you pressed to my breast,
However fate whirls us down the chutes of old and new and worn,
However far you lay your head from mine,
However love extends to the other,
However distant we remain, each to the other,
A flower is to the earth,
Inseparable and bloom.
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I've transcribed this poem exactly as I hear it, but it doesn't make much sense in English and sounds like Google Translate. It's possible that the poem was originally written in French and she's translating as she reads, but it also seems as though she's the author of the poem and is a native English speaker.

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