Laura Pausini - Celeste (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский


Версии: #1#2
You will have eyes of your father
And his sadness,
Silence without time which pierces through the time of tides at sunset.
You will arrive with September moon
Which will pour its milk inside of me
And I will love you
As it happens in fairy- tales, for ever...
I will wait for you
Without going away
As it already do the swallows in the air
On my earth
Which is getting older but dreaming dancing
On the wake of another age
While a gentle light of the East illuminates hope and thickets of the greenweed at daybreak
And the sky such... azure...
You will have books, sandals and buckets -
Happy memories,
You will have black hair, as mine,
But in a flash you will fly to a far island
Of one city.
One day I did the same, my love
Because the sun can forget about the moon...
I will wait for you
And sooner or later you will arrive,
Even without any fuss,
I will feel you
And you will stay
While leaves now are changing the colour
In my country which you don't know yet,
Where the autumn smells as a fried chestnut
And the sky is!
As the whiff of life
Which opens the shutters
And invites you to smile
Even when you don't want it,
This fallen in love wind
Which you will also breathe,
Which you will breathe...
And then I will dare to wait for you
Still a little more,
And I promise you that you will see from windows
The sky
The sky such azure...
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