Christian Brown - Bye, Lorelei

  • Исполнитель: Christian Brown ( Christian Brown)

Bye, Lorelei

Bye, Lorelei
I wish you well
I wish you true love
And a place to land,
When you fall
I hope you fall in love, true love
She said she was a city girl at heart
Doomed to be born in a small town
When she’d get the chance to be grown up
She’d live somewhere everyone had heard of
She gave herself away for cheap moments
Mischievous sparks that feigned at passion
Every promise better than the last one
She runs in the dark only to get burned
Bye, Lorelei
The last time I saw her we were screaming
She never was good at confrontation
She cried, “no one here could understand me”
If only I’d known that she was leaving
A change to her name and some cheap hair dye
A fling with a ride to get to Portland
She ignores my messages outright
I guess she’s happy with her new life
Bye, Lorelei
Well, you don’t have to call me back
Cuz I love you, with no strings attached
I just wish I could understand...
Maybe Someday we can try again
Bye, Lorelei
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