Christian Hymns & Songs - Come, Praise and Glorify

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Come, Praise and Glorify

Verse 1
Come praise and glorify our God
The Father of our Lord
In Christ He has in heav'nly realms
His blessings on us poured
For pure and blameless in His sight
He destined us to be
And now we've been adopted through
His Son eternally
To the praise of Your glory
To the praise of Your mercy and grace
To the praise of Your glory
You are the God who saves
Verse 2
Come praise and glorify our God
Who gives His grace in Christ
In Him our sins are washed away
Redeemed through sacrifice
In Him God has made known to us
The myst'ry of His will
That Christ should be the head of all
His purpose to fulfill
Verse 3
Come praise and glorify our God
For we've believed the Word
And through our faith we have a seal
The Spirit of the Lord
The Spirit guarantees our hope
Until redemption's done
Until we join in endless praise
To God the Three in One
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