claim to fame

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Meanings of "claim to fame"


A reason why someone or something is famous or well-known

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Das, wofür ein Mensch / Ort / Ding bekannt oder berühmt ist.
(VW wäre Wolfsburgs "claim to fame")

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предмет чьей-л. гордости; то, чем можно гордиться

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"claim to fame" в текстах

Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company

And threw away the sun
Now these towns they all know our names
The death punch sound is our claim to fame

Amy Winehouse - Fuck Me Pumps

Cause you all look the same,
Everyone knows your name,
And that's you whole claim to fame.

Christina Aguilera - Circles

Spin around in circles on my middle middle finger [x4]

Use my name as your claim to fame
Got my seal of success

Guns N' Roses - Back Off Bitch

I ain't playin' childhood games no more.
I said it's time for me to even the score.
So stake your claim, your claim to fame,
but baby call another name.

Bad Company - Bad Company

Chose a gun and threw away the sun.
Now these towns, they all know our name.
Six gun sound is our claim to fame.
I can hear them say...

Armin van Buuren - Who Is Watching?


Jetlag Productions - Land of Pocahontas

An Indian princess with a tale to tell
Pocahontas is her name
To keep the peace, her claim to fame

Mutemath - Chaos

Complications: my claim to fame
And I can't believe there's another
Constantly just another
Can't avoid what I can't control

Scott Matthew - Market Me To Children

It's a chilling claim to fame
We steal their baby brains
Big minds work out strategy
That never fail to train

Joan Baez - Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose)

Busted on a drunken charge
Driving someone else's car
The local midnight sheriff's claim to fame

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism_OpalHeartClinic_Niggy_Tardust!(Escaped...

That I don't really care
I got survivalism
You've got my claim to fame
I got the right to say

Kitten - Like A Stranger

From the first street bridge to the neon glow
It's a suicide
Claim to fame
Paid testimony and a brand new name

Brooke Hogan - User Friendly

Man they always want something, using but their so nice about it}

Hey what you claim to fame how about thinkin bout droppin my name
Telling everybody that your my bestfriend

Cute is What We Aim For - Moan

And now they're itchin' for a comeback
So come back
It's a shame that your claim to fame
Hangs on someone else's name

Deicide - Misery of One

Embraced your hell, as long as time will tell.

Failure, claim to fame, abject your souls, ending your own dreams, you closed that door! The end of time has come for you and him are done, dissension has begun in misery as one.

Kids Learning Tube - The US Presidents Song

Warren Harding is my name
I officially ended world war one
That’s my claim to fame

Weird Al Yankovic - Lame Claim to Fame

Lame claim to fame
A really, really, really lame
Lame claim to fame
(Let's get lame, boys)

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Lucretia MacEvil

Little girl what's your game?
Hard luck and trouble
Bound to be your claim to fame

The Damn Yankees - Don't Tread On Me

Won't get fooled, no I won't get caged

Make love not war was your claim to fame
Now you're taking me down, well I won't be tamed

Puggy - How I Needed You

Well a long time ago
That night we had was my only claim to fame
Yeah we were only friends,