On the clock

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Meanings of "On the clock"


To be on the clock means literally to be at work. Whether punching a card or an ID badge, or being salaried. The hours of commitment to work activities. Figuratively it means that you have personal commitments that are urgent or past due. "Hurry up dear, the theatre starts at eight, we are on the clock." Time is ticking away and there are places to be.

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"On the clock" в текстах

Lesha Svik - Smoke

Second verse:
It's midnight, midnight on the clock, who are me and you?
Waves, waves will envelop us again.

KANA-BOON - Silhouette

We wanted to have it all.
I know… Ahh, I’ve noticed already…
The hands on the clock… these days… can’t be stopped.
Fighting, fighting, fighting for ownership,

IU - You and I

Please wait a bit more and wait for me
You and I, we can’t be right now
I want to push on the clock even more but
In the future, which you will be in

Grivina - Boy Party

I don’t even know how to be but, pretty boy, stop, boy party. I can’t stop. You rip off my dress, to hell with it. My traces on your body like electric shock

Arrows on the clock froze, your hands are holding me like chains. Again again me. You are so rough with me it’s so cool. I want to do this always, always, always. Around us is smoke,today I need you. Today I need you, you, you. Only you, you, you.Today I need you, you, you. Only you, you, you.

Ha*Ash - 100 years

Well - stuck together, 100 years with you
By your side time doesn't depend on the clock
100 years with you, we measure it you and I

Brave the Royals - Dreamer

Broken, hearted, broke mind
I fell just like I'm running out of time
The hands on the clock
Start to unwind

Misha Marvin - Under the windows

Where snow melts and there is no action.

The arrows freeze on the clock
When you fall asleep in my hands.

While You Were Sleeping (OST) - Lucid Dream

As it pulls me in my dream

tik tok we’re on the clock
tik tok like on the cloud

While You Were Sleeping (OST) - Jageogmong (Lucid Dream)

nal ikkeureo in my dream

tik tok we’re on the clock
tik tok like on the cloud

HammAli & Navai - Don't call, I won't come

Don't call, I won't come - there's no love between us,
I'm still in delirium, the lonely earth beneath my feet.
Just five minutes on the clock,
I'm sorry but I can't live a lie.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Don't Leave Me

You won't be the only one here

See the hands on the clock that have not moved for so long
Bit by bit it takes a step as it is moving on

Ke$ha - Tik Tok

Tonight, I'mma fight
Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the party don't stop no

Jala Brat - Ultimatum

Chorus 2x
Your love has no ultimatum
I still remember the date and the time on the clock
when you told me 'I love you' for the first time

Río Roma - I Hate the Distance

With a knot in my throat
And a dropping heart
Hoping to run fast the needle on the clock
If you aren't here I don't function, I go without course and direction

Youssoupha - Dreamin

i'm dreaming, singing, hoping, smiling, giving, flying, falling, fighting, crying, leaving, writing, when you love me.

I light a candle to light up your remorses, And I move fast to not remain outside, time flies fast so we need the gold, I have the flow of "ll cool j" when I need to love. I have a hand on my close ones, the other on a woman, I have a hand on the microphone the other on a gun, the succes is huge but we must keep our landmarks, the better the medal the prettier the other side. I write those few lines because often I get lost, defeat is an orphan, victory have a thousand fathers, I keep an eye on our lives, an eye on the world, an eye on my son, an eye on the clock. My breathless life sad anesthetic, when I suffer for you, I suffer with pleasure, in lieu of chorus, for the audience around me there is this voice coming back to tell you of all my love, to tell you of all my love......

Orelsan - So Alone

Often absent, my head is elsewhere
I hear myself speak without conviction as if I saw myself from the outside
Always 60 minutes late on the clock
Each night I hide away in the 25th hour****

Moloko - The Time Is Now

And we gave it time
All eyes are on the clock
But time takes too much time

Misha Marvin - 4 in the Morning

(Misha Marvin):
Time on the clock quickly melts away.
Where's this cab flying off to, no one knows.

J.S. Ondara - American Dream

All the gold and the silver you're searching is hidden out there underground

But there's a beast on the clock
Guarding against the folk

Florent Pagny - The supporting walls

Candy engraved in the heart
Thousands of flying hours on the clock
Fine words, Fine talkers