Artists who died in 2019 (September - December)

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Artists who died in 2019 (September - December)

A collection of the artists that passed away in 2019, from September to December.
The list for January to April is here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/collection/artists-who-died-2019
The list for May to August is here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/collection/artists-who-died-2019-may-august

исполнитель | Germany R&B/Soul

Edo Zanki died on September 1 (aged 66).

исполнитель | Armenia Pop Pop-Folk

Adiss Harmandian died on September 1 (aged 74).

исполнитель | France Alternative New Wave Pop

Laurent Sinclair, keyboard player, died on September 2 (aged 58).

исполнитель | Brazil

Elton Medeiros died on September 4 (aged 89).

Top song:  Pressentimento
5. Kortatu
исполнитель | Spain Punk Ska

Iñigo Muguruza, guitarist, died on September 5 (aged 54).

исполнитель | Russia Pop Pop-Rock
исполнитель | Spain Pop Rock Singer-songwriter

Camilo Sesto died on September 8 (aged 72).

исполнитель | Greece Rock Singer-songwriter

Lavrentis Machairitsas died on September 9 (aged 63).

Top 2 songs:  Ypnovatis Aporo
9. Gru
исполнитель | Serbia Hip-Hop/Rap

Gru died on September 9 (aged 46).

Top 3 songs:  Kilo Koke Petak Pravi broj
исполнитель | United States Rock

Daniel Johnston died on September 11 (aged 58).

исполнитель | Greece Poetry
исполнитель | United States Rock

Eddie Money died on September 13 (aged 70).

13. Clutch
исполнитель | United States Rock

Mick Schauer, former keyboardist, died on September 14.

исполнитель | Portugal Fado MPB Pop

Roberto Leal died on September 15 (aged 67).

15. The Cars
исполнитель | United States New Wave Pop Rock

Ric Ocasek, singer and songwriter, died on September 15 (aged 75).

исполнитель | Norway Metal

Tony Mills, former singer, died on September 18 (aged 57).

исполнитель | Venezuela Latino

María Rivas died on September 19 (aged 59).

Top song:  El Manduco
исполнитель | Ireland

Sandie Jones died on September 19 (aged 68).

исполнитель | United Kingdom Rock Metal Hard Rock

Larry Wallis, former guitarist, died on September 19 (aged 70).

исполнитель | Korea, South

Miwoo died on September 21 (aged 31).

Top song:  못난이 인형
исполнитель | United States Metal

Richard Brunelle, ex-guitarist, died on September 28 (aged 55).

исполнитель | Mexico Bossa Nova Jazz Latino

José José died on September 28 (aged 71).

исполнитель | United States Opera

Jessye Norman died on September 30 (aged 74).

исполнитель | Czech Republic Classical Folk Opera Pop

Karel Gott died on October 1 (aged 80).

25. The Muffs
исполнитель | United States Punk Rock

Kim Shattuck died on October 2 (aged 56).

Top song:  Sad Tomorrow
исполнитель | United Kingdom Rock

Barrie Masters, singer, died on October 2 (aged 63).

27. Artillery
исполнитель | Denmark Metal

Morten Stützer, guitarist, died on Oktober 2 (aged 57).

Top song:  By Inheritance
исполнитель | Georgia

Giya Kancheli died on October 2 (aged 84).

исполнитель | United States Pop

Diahann Carroll died on October 4 (aged 84).

исполнитель | United Kingdom Psychedelic Rock

Ginger Baker, drummer, died on October 6 (aged 80).

исполнитель | United States Rock

Larry Junstrom, bassist with 38 Special and founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, died on October 6 (aged 70).

исполнитель | Germany Pop

Martin Lauer died on October 6 (aged 72).

исполнитель | Germany

Thomas Lück died on October 10 (aged 76).

Top song:  Feuerwerk
исполнитель | Argentina Cumbia

Ricardo "Richard" Cejas, former guitarist, died on October 11.

исполнитель | United States R&B/Soul

George Chambers died on October 12 (aged 88).

исполнитель | United States Pop

Alphonso Williams died on October 12 (aged 57).

37. Sulli
исполнитель | Korea, South

Sulli died on October 14 (aged 27).

исполнитель | Argentina Folk Singer-songwriter

Cacho Castaña died on October 15 (aged 77).

исполнитель | Spain Pop Rock

Javier Furia died on October 18.

исполнитель | Argentina

Vitillo Ábalos died on October 19 (aged 97).

исполнитель | Brazil MPB

Walter Franco died on October 24 (aged 74).

Top song:  Vela aberta
исполнитель | United States Country Rock

Paul Barrere, guitarist, died on October 26 (aged 71).

Top 2 songs:  Willin' A distant thunder
исполнитель | Russia Folk

Natalia Pugacheva died on October 27 (aged 83).

исполнитель | Romania Singer-songwriter

Mihai Constantinescu died on October 29 (aged 73).

46. Compact
исполнитель | Romania Rock

Leo Iorga, singer and guitarist, died on November 2 (aged 54).

исполнитель | Switzerland Pop

Marie Laforêt died on November 2 (aged 80).

48. Wake Self
исполнитель | United States Hip-Hop/Rap

Wake Self died on November 3 (aged 30).

Top song:  Malala
исполнитель | Denmark Metal

Timi Hansen, bassist, died on November 4 (aged 61).

50. Midnite
исполнитель | Virgin Islands, United States Reggae

Vaughn Benjamin died on November 4 (aged 50).

исполнитель | Serbia

Ivan Maksimović, guitarist, died on November 7 (aged 57).

Top 3 songs:  Cerveza Dobrila Evergreen
исполнитель | France Punk

Gilles Bertin, singer, died on November 7 (aged 58).

Top song:  Camera silens
исполнитель | United States R&B/Soul

Jackie Moore died on November 8 (aged 73).

Top song:  This Time Baby
исполнитель | Italy Singer-songwriter

Fred Bongusto died on November 8 (aged 84).

исполнитель | France

Éric Morena died on November 16 (aged 68).

исполнитель | Portugal

José Mário Branco died November 19 (aged 77).

исполнитель | United States Psychedelic

Doug Lubahn, bass guitar, died on November 20 (aged 71).
He also contributed as a studio bassist for The Doors on three albums.

Top song:  Mr. Blue
исполнитель | Canada Alternative Rock

John Mann, lead singer, died November 20 (aged 57).

исполнитель | Angola

Eduardo Nascimento died on November 22 (aged 76).

Top song:  O vento mudou
60. Goo Hara
исполнитель | Korea, South Pop

Goo Hara died on November 24 (aged 28).

исполнитель | United Kingdom Folk Rock

Iain Sutherland died on 25 November (aged 71).

Top 2 songs:  Arms Of Mary Sailing
62. SNH48
исполнитель | China Pop

He Sukun, member of SNH48 Team XII, died on November 27 (aged 24).

Top song:  Lay Down
исполнитель | Australia Hard Rock

Stuart Fraser, guitarist, died on December 1 (aged 57).

Top song:  Take Me Back
исполнитель | Australia New Wave

Andrew "Greedy" Smith (keyboard and vocals) died on December 2 (aged 63).

исполнитель | United Kingdom Folk Indie Rock

Matthew Chipchase, singer, died on December 2 (aged 35).

Top song:  If I Was
исполнитель | Korea, South Pop

Cha In-ha died on December 3 (aged 27).

Top song:  I Do
исполнитель | Spain Flamenco Pop-Folk

Rosa Morena died on December 4 (aged 78).

68. Rheingold
исполнитель | Germany Pop-Rock New Wave

Bodo Staiger, singer and guitarist, died on December 4 (aged 70).

исполнитель | United States Hip-Hop/Rap

Juice Wrld died on December 8 (aged 21).

70. Roxette
исполнитель | Sweden Pop-Rock

Marie Fredriksson died on December 9 (aged 61).

исполнитель | United States Soundtrack

Danny Aiello died on December 12 (aged 86).

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Just heard this on radio coming home. They said his first love was jazz and he returned to it in the last years. Will try to find some links. I believe he also was 80.