Laura Pausini - Io Sì (2020)

Создано Alma Barroca 23 Окт 2020 | В последний раз исправлено Enjovher в 02 Ноя 2020
Laura Pausini - Io Sì (2020)

'Io sì' is Italian singer Laura Pausini's first EP, released digitally on October 23 2020. It contains 5 versions of the song 'Seen', written by Diane Warren for the soundtrack of the 'The Life Ahead' movie (scheduled for release on November 13 2020). It is, so far, the only song Laura has performed in 5 languages.

Released: Oct 23, 2020
🎵 Genre: Pop, Pop-rock
Length: TBA
📹 Official video: TBA
💿 Tracklist: 1. Io sì
2. Seen
3. Yo sì
4. Moi sì
5. Eu sim

▪ Laura Pausini chronology:
Novo (2018)Io Sì (2020)

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- Italian version.
- Written by Diane Warren, Laura Pausini and Niccolò Agliardi.

Язык песни:  Итальянский

Исполнитель:  Laura Pausini

- English version.
- Written by Diane Warren.

Язык песни:  Английский

Исполнитель:  Laura Pausini

- Spanish version.

Язык песни:  Испанский

Исполнитель:  Laura Pausini

- French version.

Язык песни:  Французский

Исполнитель:  Laura Pausini

- Portuguese version.

Язык песни:  Португальский

Исполнитель:  Laura Pausini