Laura Pausini - Le Cose Che Vivi (1996) [Tracklist]

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Laura Pausini - Le Cose Che Vivi (1996) [Tracklist]

"Le Cose Che Vivi" is the fourth studio album by Laura Pausini. This album has a Spanish edition named "Las Cosas Que Vives".

Released: Sep 12, 1996
Genre: Pop
💿 Format: CD, Digital Download

▪ Laura Pausini chronology:
Laura Pausini (1995) ← Le Cose Che Vivi (1996) → Las Cosas Que Vives (1996)

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Trivia: Re-released in 2001 as a Italian/Portuguese duet with Brazilian singer-songwriter Gilberto Gil, named Seamisai (Sei Que Me Amavas).

Brazilian Edition Bonus Tracks
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Trivia: Brazilian band Sandy & Junior did themselves a cover of this song and it became a smash it, to the point that there are people who don't know it's originally by Laura Pausini. Both Laura and the brothers performed it live in 2001.