Ranchera songs about parents and their children

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A collection of songs about parents and their children (no matter the context - even if it's about a son or daughter, if a parent is mentioned then it will be included) in the Ranchera genre. All suggestions are welcome.

Summary: The singer talks about a daughter who has abandoned her mother and left her to defend herself while she lives a worry-free and pleasure-filled life. As the mother is dying (her husband long dead and her other children not in her life either), the singer implores to the daughter to at the very least keep her mother company as she dies. The daughter is warned that she better hope to never have children of her own or risk running the same fate of being forgotten in her old age like she did with her mother.

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Summary: The singer regretfully remembers abandoning his mother in his hometown in order to pursue a women he was madly in love with. When his mother asks him in vain to not leave her, it falls on deaf ears. Later on when he finds himself all alone (the woman no longer in his life), he comes to realize that a mother's love is one of a kind and can't be obtained from another.

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Summary: Because the singer was so preoccupied with drinking and women, he had forsaken his mother and never knew how to take care of her and took her for granted. Now he laments her loss and although his friends might think he's crying for a woman, he's actually mourning his mother and regretting his actions.

Summary: The story of two ill fated lovers who commit suicide upon finding out that they are actually brother and sister. Their father is blamed for not being responsible enough to raise them as his children (or even letting them know they were related because he sired two children from different women) and thus could have prevented them falling in love with each other.

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Summary: A son looking at how his father grows old with age and has grown in a different time compared to his, but father and son still have the same blood running through their veins.

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Summary: A mother warning her son that bars, women, money and drinking are bad vices that he will stray him from the right path. In the end, friends and women he makes at bars are no more when he runs out of money and he dies, alone in the street; never heeding his mother's words.

Summary: An ungrateful son squanders his inheritance too soon after demanding it from his father, not wanting to lead the life that they do. After becoming a delinquent, he mournfully tells his friends that he never found his parents again no matter how much he searched, and warns others from taking the same road he did.