Songs about COVID-19 - part 1

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Songs about COVID-19 - part 1

This is collection of songs about COVID-19 and pandemia in any language.
Perhaps it was just a matter of time. COVID-19 as a topic is currently just everywhere. And why not? A funny song will lighten the situation and conjure up a smile everywhere. After all, it is necessary to fight with sadness. And as we know very well that the song can fight the best!

песня | Чешский Voxel

Korona, korona, korona... Probably the first artist in Bohemia to sing about COVID-19 is a young singer-songwriter Václav Lebeda known under the nickname VOXEL.

песня | Чешский Pokáč

The song of Pokáč about what to do during the quarantine.

Переводы:  Русский
песня | Чешский Pokáč

The song of Pokáč about how to fight against COVID-19.

Переводы:  Русский

Virusnaya (Вирусная) - this is the song of Semyon Slepakov about coronavirus in context with Russian reality.

Переводы:  Английский

The song of Radio FFN about COVID-19 and quarantine.

This song of Nioeh X Khắc Hưng X Min X Erik is actually a parody of a well-known Vietnamese pop song named "Ghen" (Jealousy), and the author of the original lyrics is also the person who wrote the lyrics of this parody. Besides, "Cô Vy" literally means Ms.Vy or Mrs.Vy, and the pronunciation of "Ghen Cô Vy" is almost identical with the way Vietnamese people spell nCoV. The title, therefore, is meant to be a pun! (added by Linh Đặng - author of English translation)

The song of Sorina Maria Pop about coronavirus.

Переводы:  Английский

The song of Yofrangel about coronavirus.

Coronavirus - song of D.Ace

Codo con codo - song of Jorge Drexler about how to fight against pandemia

Great COVID-style parody made by Adrian Grimes.

Переводы:  Русский Немецкий

The song of Leo Colinas about COVID-19.

Song of Lévai x Burai about coronavirus.

песня | Чешский Mirai

The song of Mirai about face protection against COVID.
I protect you and you protect me!

песня | Чешский Raego

The song of Raego is devoted for all people who fight against COVID.
Do not give up!

This song is about quarantine and how it works.

Переводы:  Английский

This song of The Kiffness is about COVID-19 and life in quarantine.

This song of Call Me Karizma is about quarantine.

This song of Michael Rose is about quarantine.

This song of Roby Facchinetti devoted to people who fight against COVID-19.
I will be reborn, you will be reborn when it is all over
WE shell overcome!

This song of Hanan Ben Ari is about missing human connection during quarantine.

песня | Иврит Ishay Ribo

This song of Ishay Ribo is about global separation, asking God if it's a punishment.

This song of Natan Goshen is about being stuck in quarantine.

This song of MC Adolfeen describes difficult life in quarantine.

Переводы:  Русский

This song of Kapitán Demo is about pandemia of COVID-19.
Who have it?

This song of Marat Omarov is against coronavirus.
Коронавирус кет кет кет
Coronavirus - no, no, no!

The song of Dip Doundou Guiss about COVID-19 and quarantine.

This emotive song is about quarantine. How to win COVID-19? Yo should stay at home!

The song of Stephanie Forryan about coronavirus - a "viral" parody of My Sharona. There are many other parodies you can found in YouTube.

The song of Die Ärzte.

Переводы:  Английский

Song of Neil Diamond about coronavirus.

Переводы:  Немецкий
песня | Чешский VOJTA D

This song of Vojta D is about the life in quarantine.

The song of Tomáš Pchálek about pandemic and quarantine. New morning comes after the night.

Mandopop singer Wang Leehom believes love will triumph over coronavirus crisis!

Переводы:  Русский

This song came from Philippines. It is devoted to solidarity of people fighting against COVID-19.

Переводы:  Английский

The song of Sofia Ellar is about quarantine. Sweep at home!

The song of Tom MacDonald about pandemic of COVID-19.

This song of Los Massadores is devoted to situation around COVID-19 and quarantine. Los Massadores live very, very close to parts of Veneto region that have been isolated due to the coronavirus. However, they do not seem to be very scared despite the obsessive media hype that has almost triggered mass psychosis (comment of annabellanna in LT)

The song of Piergiorgio Cinelli about pandemic in Italy.
"Some people hope, some people suffer,
it’s been more than a month already,
everyone in their house, locked up,
not even thinking about seeing each other."
(translate by Stefano8)

The song of Cristóvam 'Everything will be alright'

The song of Jack Savoretti 'Everything will be alright'

This funny song about what can be happened during the quarantine.

Переводы:  Русский

This song of Elisa (Italy) 'Everything will be alright'
The third one!

New song of Lara Fabian! Our Hearts On The Window.
Thanks to Alma Barroca for English translation!

A light-hearted song by Filipino comedian Vice Ganda about "shooing away" the coronavirus.

Переводы:  Английский

The song of Danger Dan about noodles and toilet paper in connection with pandemic.

Переводы:  Английский

Song of Abraham Mateo about love and quarantine.

The song of Joe Crepúsculo also about love and quarantine - Quarantine Without You.

Song by Frei Wild about Corona World Doom.

Переводы:  Английский

The poem of Moraes Moreira wrote a few days after the state of Rio de Janeiro established a quarantine.

Переводы:  Французский

The song of Mozgi about quarantine.

Переводы:  Финский

This song is about quarantine love)

Переводы:  Испанский

This song of Potap is about quarantine.

The song of Jack Maynard about quarantine.

Actual, but not "acute social" song of Elena Voynarovskaya about quarantine, restrictive and other measures in connection with the global spread of dangerous coronavirus.about quarantine, restrictive and other measures in connection with the global spread of dangerous coronavirus.

Переводы:  Английский

Song of Mersener about COVID-19 and quarantine

Переводы:  Английский

The song of various seyshellous artist agains coronavirus-

Переводы:  Английский

The song of ZDoggMD against coronavirus

Переводы:  Немецкий Японский

This song of Jaromir Nohavica is about bacilli, but it also fit the case of coronavirus very well - brave Czech people overcome any infection!
Bacilli flew...

Переводы:  Русский Польский

The song of Funny Centre about quarantine

This is an antiviral parody of Ivan Mladek song Jožin z Bažin.

Переводы:  Русский

The song about fight against coronavirus. Make face protection!

Переводы:  Русский

This song is a parody of Rusalka song in the opera "Rusalka" by Antonin Dvorak. Miroslava Časarová sings about difficult days of quarantine for opera singers.

песня | Чешский Pokáč

The song of Pokáč about COVID Easter.

The song of DUO JAMAHA about quarantine. Where were you yesterday?

This is original song of Gombak Hillbillies about COVID-19.

Переводы:  Турецкий

Zack David's remake of Paul Simon's song "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover"

This is a hymn recorded by more than 30 artists to defeat the coronavirus together.

The song of GAYAZOV$ BROTHER$ about quarantine.

The song of .Marat Melik-Pashayan about quarantine.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins with some Coronavirus inspired lyrics!

песня | Русский EGOR

Song of EGOR about self-isolation during quarantine

The song of Jala Brat x Buba Corelli about quarantine.

Переводы:  Русский

The song of Nada Dokovic about quarantine.

The song of Vedran Andjic about Coronavirus.

Song of Brandon Stone about COVID-19 and quarantine.

песня | Русский Bianka

Song of Bianka about pandemic.

песня | Русский Seryoga

The song of Polygraf SharikOFF (former Seryoga) about the love and coronavirus - what is stronger?.

This song of LB is about folk therapy agains COVID-19.

Переводы:  Русский

This song of BakaPrase is about COVID-19 and quarantine.

The song of Zabava about quarantine.

Переводы:  Русский

This song is about quarantine at home.

Переводы:  Русский

The song of the Hounng + the Fox about quarantine.

The song of Jonych about COVID-19.

Переводы:  Русский

The song of Jonych about Easter during quarantine.

Переводы:  Русский

The song of TenderPsycho about coronavirus.

Переводы:  Русский

The song of soul voice (Golos dushi) about coronavirus.

Переводы:  Русский

The song of Knock Out about quarantine.

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Hanan Ben Ari - געגועים לבני אדם | Ga'aguim LiBney Adam
(About missing human connection during quarantine)

Ishay Ribo - כתר מלוכה | Keter Melukha
(About global separation, asking God if it's a punishment)

Natan Goshen - אין הרבה מה לעשות | Ein Harbe Ma La'asot
(About being stuck in quarantine)

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А нужно ль нам излечение?
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А если вдруг какой недуг
Ну, этот тот нам будет друг

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To be precise, corona virus has been around for a while. Like SARS is corona virus
COVID19, is a strain of corona virus, very contagious and unknown
Phenomenal that folks still can laugh in times of COVID19 🤣😅🥰

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Thanks to everyone for these songs! Let's reach 50!

I am especially pleased to receive songs in small and “exotic” languages and dialects - we should support them, this is our common heritage.

COVID-19 is a global issue that should bring us all together.

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Thank you all for new songs! Now we have 60 antiviral songs in this collections!!
But there are many good songs that are waiting to be added.
Let's go! Up to 100!

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Thank you all! Now we have 100 antiviral songs in this collection!!!
The explosion of these new songs is like a pandemic. COVID-19 is now a cultural phenomenon, not only parasite.
I hope that we all overcome it, but these songs will be with us as the memory of the present global fight against this enemy.

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