Songs about Janis Joplin

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Here a collection dedicated to my favourite artist and the songs written about her...

Janis Joplin was an extraordinary singer, she left this world way too early...

исполнитель | United States Rock Psychedelic

The band she rose to fame with.

Leonard Cohen wrote this song about her.

Janis was always looking for love and had a deep impact on the ones that met her.

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Joan Baez' sister Mimi Fariña wrote this beautiful song about Janis' death.

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A tribute written by Julianne Regan of the band "All About Eve".

A song by the Spanish band Gabinete Caligari, dedicated to Janis and referring to a bourbon called "Four Roses" that she supposedly liked to drink.

Janis wanted her friends to have a party at her funeral and had 2,500 $ alotted in her will for that. The invitations read "The drinks are on Pearl".

Port Arthur was Janis' hometown.

Sixto Rodriguez did not confirm that this song was about Janis Joplin, but it sure sounds like it is. "Janis' pity"...

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Same with this song, Rodriguez said he does not write songs about real people, only fictional people...