El amor es presentir (перевод на Английский)

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El amor es presentir

El amor es recordar
al latir en otro ser.
El amor es cantar
y sufrir al querer,
y repetir otra vida.
El amor es presentir
esa luz del corazón
que nos hace vivir
y al dolor renunciar
al encontrar otra vida.
El amor es un adiós
tan eterno como el mar.
Es soñar entre dos
y volver a empezar
sueños que son despedidas.
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перевод на Английский

Love is to feel

Love is remembering
the pulse of another being.
Love is singing
and suffering desire,
and repeating another life.
Love is to feel
that light of the heart
which makes us live
and abandon sorrow
when we find another life.
Love is a goodbye
as eternal as the sea.
It is dreaming shared by two
and beginning again
dreams that have been discarded.
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michealt    пн, 16/07/2018 - 17:25

Good sugestion. Thanks.
I must stop being lazily literal - I think it was probably too late at night when I wrote "dreaming beween two", and maybe I had just a bit too much red wine in me.