Marart Fi khayali | مررت في خيالي (перевод на Английский)


Marart Fi khayali | مررت في خيالي

مررت في خيالي
أحلى من الخيال
يمر في التلال
وينشر الألوان
مررت في خيالي
يلفك الحرير
يشتاقك الغدير
أغرودة الزمان
وكان ملء بالي
قصر من اللآلي
أبنيه من خيالي
ومن خيال الجان
من عنبر وطيب
أبنيه يا حبيبي
من مرمر عجيب
من جزر المرجان
مجامر من ند
مساكب من ورد
وياسمين حدي
وحدك الريحان
ورأسك المدل
قرنفل وفل
يطيب ما يهل
وليلنا سهران
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You Have Passed in My Imagination

You have passed in my imagination, more beautiful than imagination
Passing on the hills, spreading colors.
You have passed in my imagination, covered with silk
The stream misses you as a warble of time.
I was thinking of a palace of pearl
Building it of my imagination as a well as of the fairies'.
I build it of amber and perfume, my love
Of a strange alabaster from the coral islands.
Censers of aloes wood… beds of roses…
Jasmines are near me and basils are near you.
Your proud head is topped with carnation and Arabian jasmine
It becomes sweet as soon as it appears
And our night is still all up!
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