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I just created my account which I'm very excited about. The contributing factor is that I'm interested in Spanish. I love Spanish people and their culture as I've been watching lots of their series and films lately. I consider this website a great opportunity to spend more time exercising while helping out others with translations of lyrics etc. However I'll be working on some Greek, French and English stuff aswell. So if you have some extra expirience I would totally appreciate some help.

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Good evening and welcome to LT! Regular smile

I invite you to acquaint yourself with the site's rules and FAQ first and foremost.
Enjoy your stay amongst us and create boundaries with our great and nice community.


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Welcome to the community, enjoy yourself!

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Hey there. Welcome to LT. I hope you'll enjoy your stay around Regular smile

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thank you ❤️

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Καλώσόρισε στο ΛΤ!

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You probably already know this, but just to be sure, "Spanish people" means people from Spain, as opposed to Spanish-speaking people or Latin Americans or Latinos.

(Similarly, "Spanish music" is music from Spain, but Spanish-language music can be from any Spanish-speaking country.)

Welcome. What I have learned is that lyrics often have many mistakes. Even liner notes occasionally have mistakes. So be cautious if/when you add songs.

Also, find forum entitled I WANNA LEARN SPANISH HELP @ .

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Yes I know! tbh I meant those people who are from Spain, not that I don't like the rest of Spanish speakers but I am just not as familiar to their culture (yet)!
It's great that people here help each other, I personally do request for a second check on the translations I make, even those in my native language. I recommend that everyone does it aswell, because we are all humans and we make mistakes!
Thanks for your comment x

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Good for you!!!

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