[SOLVED] Adding an artist with the same name as when there is already one

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I would like to add a translation of the song "The list" by the "Moonchild" from LA, but there is already one band with the same name.
How can I do it, if I try to add it already existing is select.

Kind regards, M.

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Hi, I'm not that old to LT but I guess you can write "Moonchild (LA)" or you can write something to define the band/artist like their nationality or their music type inside the brackets. I'm not even sure if brackets are allowed to be used on the artist name but hopefully it'll work.
I'm sorry if it does not work like I said it hasn't been long since I joined LT!

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Just to confirm: If an artist name already exists for another artist on the site, add the country they're from in brackets (), example:

Maria (Mexico)
Maria (United States)
Maria (Japan)

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