Игры и Престолы
Много серий и сезонов
Персонажей тоже много
Многих я уже не вспомню, но…
Но сиськи и драконы навсегда
Там есть карлик
Там есть карлик
Там есть карлик
Там есть…)
Девки, непотребства, Песня Льда
(Старки умирают
Постоянно умирают, но…)
Сиськи и драконы навсегда
(Джоффри – непоседа
Извращенец, всё по Фрейду, а…)
Шубы и рыжухи, холода…
(Племя одичалых
За стеною точно знает, что…)
Сиськи и драконы навсегда
Зомби, войны, нагота
(Евнухи, измены
И бастарды повсеместно, но…)
Я люблю этот сериал
Ведь в нём есть Джон Сноу
(Милый обаяшка,
Ненаглядный кучеряшка, и…)
Мог я книги давно прочитать
Но я не прочёл
(Ставки, делай ставки
Казино и онлайн ставки на спорт)
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перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский (singable)
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The Games and the Thrones
Many episodes, there’s a shitload
Many characters are shown
Can’t remember, brain explodes, but…
Boobies and dragons don’t get old
(Short guy
There’s a short guy
There’s a short guy
There’s a short guy
Nude gals, lewd stuff, the Ice Song
(The Starks are always dying
They are always, always dying, but…)
Boobies and dragons don’t get old
(Joffrey’s sadist, and a brat
Way too pervy, Freud is glad, and…)
Fur coats, and red girls, endless cold
(The Free Folk near the Wall
And beyond surely knows that…)
Boobies and dragons don’t get old
Hodor Hodor
Hodor Hodor
Hodor Hodor
Zombies, wars, no clothes at all
(Eunuchs, and betrayals
And bastards everywhere, but…)
I love it very much so
Because they have Jon Snow
(A cutie, so adorbs
Handsome guy one could dream for, and…)
I would have read the books long ago
But I still have not
(Make bets, make your bets in
Casino and online betting on sports)

In case you'd like to share my translation by reposting it somewhere, credit me, please. It would be great if you also left a link to the source. Thank you.

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English subtitles by yours truly are available here:

Dr_IgorDr_Igor    вс, 26/09/2021 - 17:45

Hi Tatiana,
how do you figure that it is singable? Can you sing it? There's a mismatch of the numbers of syllables and accents in every line of the first verse. I am not saying it is impossible, it is just impossible to sing to the exact same melody. So what do you do? How do you bend the melody?

FireyFlamyFireyFlamy    пн, 27/09/2021 - 06:43

It doesn't have to match 100% everything to be singable. Bending the rules is often the only right way to make something as accurate as possible. Following the number of syllables can be important, but not to the point of either making it hard to perform or screwing up the original meaning whatsoever by adding too much stuff that isn't originally there (most Russian vocalists are guilty of this). That's why I don't usually claim my translations as equirhythmic, but singable. Equirhythmic doesn't always equal "good" when it comes to song lyrics, it's a common misconception.

I can totally sing this, I can sing every translation of mine unless it's a literal one. In fact, I'm planning to finally start making my own covers soon based on the numerous translyrics I've created so far. I'd even advise novice lyrics translators to think like a vocalist when writing the text and throw away all these academic rules you might end up getting stuck with. Yay for creative freedom!

And. The melody's pretty much the same with this one, I'm not really bending anything. It's not as much about the text as it is about the performance manner. The exact same lyrics could be sung in totally different ways (both altering the melody and not), and countless covers and remixes are clear proof of that.

Dr_IgorDr_Igor    пн, 27/09/2021 - 22:12

Hi again, Tatiana.
First, thank you for your detailed response. If you thought that my original comment was a "gotcha!" type you were wrong. I am long past the phase when I thought that the translation has to follow the original lead sheet to a T. Melody "bending" is sometimes OK, even good.
The song that brought me here - "Ma jeunesse fout l'camp" has three different renditions by stars - the author Guy Bontempelli, Francoise Hardy, and finally Belinda Carlisle and the melodies are slightly different as early as in the first two measures - the main phrase of the song.
The fact that you want to do your own covers of your translations is very interesting to me. I am doing just that - you can google "QED" on this site to find some of my stuff. I also have an "artist" page https://lyricstranslate.com/en/drigor-lyrics.html
Hope we'll have things to discuss in the future.

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