Current Joys - Here's To The Afterlife

  • Исполнитель: Current Joys (Nick Rattigan)
  • Альбом: Me Oh My Mirror (2015)

Here's To The Afterlife

I didn't mean
For the rain to come
But it did
Now it's gone
I didn't ask
For all those tears
But you cried
and I cried
How weird
I didn't think
That you'd cut your hair
I didn't notice
And you cared
I think you're gorgeous
Without your hair
So I care
So who cares
Oh dear
Do you see
in the distance there
It's the future
Don't be scared
Don't run too fast
There's no way how
There's no way out
We're stuck here for now
Oh wow
I didn't mean for my scene to die
Rock n roll
Wave goodbye
But what about me
No I don't end
I'm a person
Not a fucking trend
Oh I'll never die
Oh I'll never die
I'll never die
I'll never die
(who is this guy)
I'll never die
(he is totally going to die any minute now )
I'll never die
Oh wait
I think I just died
(you did, you did)
Fuck thats so embarrassing
I was just singing about how I was not gonna die and then I died
(You just keep running your mouth)
Wow this must be the afterlife
It's so a cold here
(um hum)
Surprisingly cold It's like 9 degrees out
(yeah you better buy a jacket)
Well I guess
Here's to the afterlife.
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