Die Irrlichter - Das letzte Eichohrkatz (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

The last squirrel*

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The squirrel, so lovely to watch at
Was once sitting despondently on a tree
It was eating a little nut and it meant by itself
I will eat a beechnut next
The mage with a brown hat
Not flying, but still steady on his feet today
Was walking through the Grimpel forest
And soon he met the squirrel there
Confused by this sight so fine
He spoils the rhyme of his spell
There was a lightning and a thunder, too
First fell the nut, then the squirrel
Take the skull, hold the skull
Turn the skull, three times in the circle
Knock at the skull, throw up the skull
Then it will protect you, as everyone knows
Due to death and disaster of the squirrel
It makes room for a demon
Who dwells in a forest and soon will teach
Black cold magic to a witch
She finds a skeleton and a skull thus quickly
But to witches happens, as every child knows
Such a terrible death, so she died soon
And the whole land lived in peace
The pale bones of the squirrel
Were lying for months and weeks
In the Dheromyn forest on a mead
Till an evil mage learned to know of that
The skeleton was taken out of the forest
A dark night soon fell over the land
Even priests who should have come for rescue
Came pale and sick out of the Dheromyn grove
This is why some heroes arrived on the scene
Five of them began to search
They felt the aura of the sacred bones
And they hunted the fiend, they caught him up
Perianna sung songs of peace and happiness
Lorenlyr weaved spells of power and skill
Aleanra takes the bow, the mage in her sight
Glaudrim throws the runes, there's no way back
Barandur is attacking, axe strikes the magic
But the arrow hits the breast, in that injustice was growing
The world soon was happy and joyful
'cause dark magic died in the Forest of Ginoo
The heroes remained to look for the treasures
To find the skull of the squirrel
They looked for it, but didn't find it and thus
It still must be lying in the Forest of Ginoo
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* Well, it's not an ordinary squirrel...


Das letzte Eichohrkatz

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