Davayte vosklitzat'(Давайте восклицать!..) (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Bulat Okudzhava (ბულატ ოკუჯავა/Булат Окуджава)
  • Песня: Davayte vosklitzat'(Давайте восклицать!..) 8 переводов
  • Переводы: Английский #1, #2, #3, #4, Иврит, Немецкий, Сербский, Французский
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A Wish To All Friends

Версии: #1#2#3#4
Let’s cheer and applause in loud admiration!
Let’s never be ashamed of one another’s adoration
Let’s pour some generous compliments to take at their full value
To share the happy moments and praise each other, shall we?
Let’s be sincere in sorrow and shed an occasional tear
When we're together or when apart, when miles away or when near
Don’t take the harsh words seriously when someone’s heart grows bitter
The sadness always follows love on Facebook or the Twitter
Let’s catch each other’s wisdom words half way and understand it
Just so that if we make mistake, we won’t repeat it sadly
Let’s do each other favors, provide support when needed
Because this life is just too short, and love is un-superseded.
E.T. (Eva Trussell) aka Vesper Lynd
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Davayte vosklitzat'(Давайте восклицать!..)