Dear DREAM (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

dear dream

i've awoken my vulnerable heart so look
whenever you look back on this song in the future
it won't become blurry
i'll paint it boldly because i want to remember
you'll know if you don't already
but i still can't feel it
i look out the window of the car we used to ride together
just like outside, everything's looking like a blur
it moves so quickly, in no time
i'm afraid we'll pass by that quickly, too
honestly, it felt like time stopped in the past
i always hope those times
hope it never fades out
as i look at all of those strange faces
i'll see those faces again someday
even in silence, we'll hear each other's voices
we'll always be worried for each other
remember that we are in touch
we'll always be together in the same time and place
we don't have the courage
i can't put what i want to say into words
don't forget a single thing
on a distant night
a star will comfort you
that'll be me
no one can understand
our importance to each other
you exist
in my heart
i’ll be your home
oh oh, i’ll be your home
i'll walk you home
i'll give back to you
time keeps going
i know these will become memories
there's still some apologies and regret
i can't get used to my days and nights, i feel longing
yeah i know, i hope time will tell
you know, keep walking and following the light
we were the dream, don't forget each other
i'll always be by your side
you must know that
i think of when our reality was a dream
i'm always worried for us
even if we're in the same boat, it's a different sea alone
i keep expecting to see you
as a lighthouse
yeah, this is fate and that's a fact
when it's hard, i'll become your light
treasure what i say next deep in your heart
feel like what
we gon' stay
i remember everything i said
each night since forever
i see a compass in my dreams
now i know it's you
as time passes
i treasure when we were so young
just the sight of you
gives me strength
i’ll be your home
oh oh, i’ll be your home
it's all flooding back, this is only one part
this is just a bit, believe this is our bookmark
we were swept away by the current so naturally
but i don't want this to sound like
we're about to depart
if i ever get lost
i won't turn to dust
i'mma call back
don't forget my tone
whenever you shout out like we used to
hope we always feel like
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