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tell me

tell me
tell me my life who
I chop you through my eyes
that I cannot see
the things that would
and from that way
you are approaching me
tell me that obstinacy
you put me as thirsty
that my loneliness
you want to open the door
and the love begins
to make antics in me
that I can't else try to hide
these forward of seeing you
that my love searches you
to fill those days without you
and if you're not you who goes to save me
this monster of the loneliness
that I know rie of me
and that you say to me from you
each awakening
tell me my heart
who cross the roads
for that you and I
wewdo the same
tell me you
that my love was crazy
that my love was crazy
that my love was crazy
if perhaps you if perhaps I
tell me it
that my love was crazy
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